Pioneer Herbal UK has built its business for 33 years on the application of pure, neat essential oils and herbs to both human and animal skin care. We import our oils from certified sources in many parts of the world. We choose oils that are either steam distilled or pressed from their parent plant. None of the oils we use are mixed with any other substance including alcohol. Pioneer Herbal UK oils are offered to our customer base in our trademark big 25ml bottles with droppers. You will not normally find 25ml bottles on the High Street or in markets. So you will always get value for money with our oils.

  Pioneer Herbal UK Essential Oils

We started in essential oils in 1986 in the Middle East, treating diabetic ulcers and serious fungal infections of human feet and toes. At that time, all medical care for non-citizens was based on medical insurance companies and their range of authorised drugs, all of which had a high chemical content. Natural treatments were rejected for fairly obvious vested interests reasons, and, in any case, were rare and confined to village wizards, witches and "those who know things!"

In 1987, the clinic that we partnered, imported the first batches of Tea Tree Oil (Melalucae alternifolia) through Riyadh airport - and I found myself being called to the airport customs house and arrested and held for 7 hours while I tried to explain WHY anyone in Saudi Arabia needed to import OIL of ANY kind! And the Australians didn't help me much by labelling the box of 144 bottles as "Danger - inflammable!"

How did I not spend the night in jail? It just so happened that the son of one of my elderly patients was a Colonel in the airport security police, and had been told of this daft Brit who was attempting to subvert the entire Saudi oil industry, and decided to have a look. 5 Minutes later, and a few hundred Saudi Riyals lighter (to get his policemen a nice coffee...) we had the very first supply of 15ml bottles of Tea Tree Oil in Riyadh.

For the next 15 years we worked up many different applications of essential oils, either as individual oils or oils blended to a recipe for skin problems.   18 years ago we came back to the UK and have managed a successful herbal and oils based business since.

In 33 years we have learned TWO important lessons:

Lesson 1: ONE drop of pure, neat natural essential oil can be as effective - and often more effective - than ONE THOUSAND drops of commercial (and mainly chemically based) skin oils sold over the counter.
So ALL essential oils should be treated with commonsense in their application. Never, ever, in any circumstances should you "slap it on" - as we have read many times on social media platforms. "Slapping it on" is dangerous, can result in serious burns or rashes and is irresponsible. Always test one drop on a small area of skin in a little extra virgin olive oil for a reaction. Never use neat essential oils on a child's skin. Always seek medical advice.

Lesson 2:  ALWAYS make sure that the customer is directed to Lesson One!

Here are the oils that we can offer from this site:
Please note that, because of high UK postage rates, it may be in your interest to purchase 2 or more bottles. If kept cool and out of sunlight the shelf life is 2 years.


(Cymbopogon nardus)
This lovely oil is used in many cultures. For fever, intestinal parasites, and digestive problems - can be used as a stimulant and also has a history of use with menstrual pain and problems.

It has a sharp, lemon like aroma, although this oil is processed from a ground plant, not a fruit. It was the first choice against mosquitoes before large scale paraffin and chemical sprays came into use. Traditionally widely used against insects in equine preparations.

SSO-CI-25 25 ml bottle: Price £8.00 


There are three generally known Eucalyptus oils: Lemon Scented,
Broad-Leaved Peppermint and Blue Gum.
We bottle Blue Gum - Eucalyptus globulus.
Eucalyptus oil should NOT be taken internally at any time.

(Eucalyptus globulus)
Eucalyptus oil is normally obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and small twigs. In Australia it was a household remedy for almost all minor cuts, wounds, infections and coughs, until it was mainly replaced in that role by Tea Tree Oil. Notwithstanding Tea Tree and its outstanding range of applications, many people still use drops of Eucalyptus in a bowl of very hot water to produce a vapour which is inhaled to ease asthma symptoms and those of a bad chest or chesty cough. And Eucalyptus lozenges and sweets are still sold in pharmacies as an aid to sore throats and mouth infections. We bottle the pure oil in our 25ml amber bottles and offer it as an outstanding stand alone oil with a very broad range of applications.
SSO-EU-25 25ml bottle: Price £8.00



Orange Oil helps with constipation and sluggish digestion, PMT,
colic, and with flatulence and indigestion.
Congested skin, mouth and gums. 

 NOTE: Orange Oil is photo-toxic and should not be rubbed into
skin that may be exposed to direct sunlight - or exposed
 to the UV rays of a "sunbed". 
SSO-OR-25  25ml bottle: Price £8.00


 (Citrus limon)
Another versatile oil that is gathered by cold pressing of the outer fresh peel.
The lemon itself is highly valued for its vitamins A, B and C
 and is anti-inflammatory.
 From a skin care viewpoint, Lemon oil is bactericidal, and its linalool component - as with Lavender - is an insect repellent. 

It has an excellent cleansing action and the wonderfully sharp scent makes it a useful ingredient in soaps, shampoos and cosmetics.
It is good for small spots and skin eruptions.
Close relative of the Lime. Excellent in aromatherapy blends in which it is useful against sunburn.

SSO-LE-25 25ml amber bottle Price: £8.00 

Why pay twice our prices in the High Street?

ESSENTIAL OIL OF LIME(Citrus aurantifolia)

Lime is an interesting essential oil. Limes and Lemons are closely related and are the fruit of Citrus aurantifolia. It is high in vitamin C generally famous as the fruit that cleared scurvy in sailors who were at sea for long periods without fresh fruit and vegetables.
The oil is also useful for brittle nails and greasy and oily skin.
Acne sufferers can benefit from dabs of Lime oil on a baby bud and it has been known to reduce warts. Several drops in warm water give an excellent gargle against mouth ulcers and a sore throat. It is an astringent.
Gently worked into mature skin and wrinkles it is soothing and refreshing, giving a clean, clear effect.

SSO-LI-25 25ml amber bottle Price: £8.00.


Patchouli Oil has been in use throughout Asia and the Middle East for centuries. It was made very popular in the mid-1960s as the oil of choice for the "Flower Children" in the USA and Europe and was strongly associated with the relaxation techniques of the Indian Gurus.
 Its traditional uses include easing the symptoms of Acne, Headaches, Dandruff, Nausea and  for cleansing Oily Skin and Hair. It is antiseptic and antifungal and is useful against bites and sores.

SSO-PO-25  25ml amber bottle: Price: £8.00



Peppermint Oil consists of the essential oil of Menthe piperita obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and flowering sprigs. Its chief component is Menthol (about 35 to 45%). The oil should NOT be taken internally. 

Peppermint Oil is an insect repellent, has some antifungal properties and has a significant cooling effect on the skin. It is a brilliant oil for blending in with another oil of choice to make up a massage oil. This will help to cool as well as relax.
An important application for our Peppermint oil is to ease headache symptoms. The neat oil is rubbed gently into each temple, and a "connecting strip" is smeared from temple to temple. (keep the eyes closed when applying this). The result is a cooling sensation which reduces tension and eases the pain. Do NOT apply neat oil to a child's face. We use peppermint in some of our soaps, where it gives a really cool and refreshing shower.
Why pay more than TWICE as much for only 15ml in the High Street?
SSO-PP-25   25ml amber bottle. Price: £8.00


Pioneer Herbal UK has been working with Melalucae alternifolia  (Tea Tree Oil) for over 3 decades. This outstanding natural antiseptic and antifungal substance has been used for over a thousand years in Australia, where most of the natural tree varieties and commercially cultivated bushes grow, and the oil is distilled. In recent years China has begun producing Melalucae oil and although it has a different "nose" to the Australian oil, it is indeed an excellent oil.
Until the middle of WW2, each Australian soldier had a 50ml bottle of Tea Tree oil in his backpack for use against insects, bites, cuts and rashes.
It has come to prominence again in the  last few years due to the emergence of more strains of MRSA.

In our university and research work with Tea Tree we studied over 30,000 records from world wide sources, and we are still finding applications where this super substance outperforms over the counter chemical based anstiseptics by a factor of thousands to one.

SSO-TT-25   25ml amber bottle. Price: £8.00


Pioneer Herbal UK makes a variety of massage oils for our Therapist customers and customers who have their own individual requirements. 
Our massage oils are made to order, rather than pre-blended and stored. So you can specify your needs and we will make a bottle up for you. 

For example: A customer needs a massage oil that will offer: 

We would then probably offer our own blend of 

Or we can change an oil in that blend on request.
Another customer may wish a blend for arthritis or muscle pain; for headaches, or just a lovely bath oil that will relax. Another may need a stimulating, refreshing massage after sport or physical activities.

We can generally offer a blend that will meet your needs. 

Note: ORANGE OIL is a beautiful oil. But it must NOT be rubbed into skin that is going to be exposed to UV (sunbeds or UV tube rays) or direct sunlight (ie; sunbathing) for at least 12 hours. So don't have a bath with Orange Oil and then sunbathe.  Do it the other way around - sunbathe or sunbed and then a bath with Orange Oil.

 All you have to do is to email us with your needs and we will attempt to satisfy your requirement. A big 100ml bottle that will last you ages. 
Consists of a carrier oil (Grapeseed) and a generous blend of up to FOUR neat pure essential oils.

SSO-MO-100   Massage Oil Blend in amber 100 ml bottle: Price: £15.00 




(Lavendula angustifolia)
Probably the most versatile of all essential oils, Lavender is famous for its soothing and relaxing qualities. An insect repellent, it scents pillows to ease sleep, is very useful against burns, insect bites and stings and is a component of many soaps and perfumes. It has been used for thousands of years - particularly in the Middle East, in ancient Greece, Rome and Persia, where it was poured into warm water for laundry use. Lavender comes from the latin Lavera - to wash or cleanse.
Grown all over the world, the three main sources to the UK are now France, England, where new plantations of 50 acres and more have been laid down - and Bulgaria. With English Lavender oil at around £450 a litre, and the Bulgar plant producing a harsh scent, we bottle the French variety from the Nante region and offer a superb Lavender at a decent price.
Why pay TWICE as much - just for 15ml in the High Street?

SSO-LA-25   25ml amber bottle: Price £8.00