Pioneer Carewash and Pioneer KennelClear are superb products for your dog. Many dogs are trained as retrievers, or as rescue dogs working in difficult and dangerous scenarios, as security dogs - or just your dog having a great time in the fields or on the beach or in the lake. They all get wet and mucky, or they will pick up a parasite or indeed get a graze or a cut or small wound. It is entirely possible that you might need BOTH Carewash AND KennelClear for your dog! Wash him right down to the skin to bring it back to a brilliantly clean, parasite free base, with the coat thoroughly washed through and brought up to a really high tone. And maybe a spray in the car kennel before the journey home, or a spray on the paws. You can save money by buying our Carewash and KennelClear Combo. Two products, 10% discount, one package, one postage charge. At current rates that is a saving of  £5.95 !


See the saving! 
Carewash +pp = £16.30.  KennelClear =+pp = £24.50
Purchased separately: £40.80

Purchased as a Carewash+KennelClear Combo:
£12.70+£20.00 = £32.70 MINUS 10% = £29.40+£5.45 pp = £34.85
YOU SAVE £40.80 - £34.85 = £5.95 !

PLEASE NOTE: This offer does NOT apply to customers who are currently receiving a customer discount.

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