CAREWASH takes care of tics, fleas, lice, mites and other irritating parasites that affect almost all dogs. Gundogs, security dogs, rescue dogs and dogs involved in emergency search and rescue use CAREWASH regularly. CAREWASH thoroughly cleans the skin and follicles, cleans away "wet doggie" smell and brings the coat up to a beautiful shine - particularly important immediately prior to showing. Pioneer approaches canine care from two directions: Care of the animal and care of its environment. So we manufacture CAREWASH as an outstanding herbal liquid soap that will deep cleanse, right down to the skin The soap is antifungal and is excellent for all types of dog (or horse, or other animals, including rabbits, hampsters, guinea pigs etc) whether domestic companion or working dog.  We also manufacture KENNEL CLEAR canine spray. Our own recipe powerful Make-It-Yourself multi benefit spray, that will give you TEN x 750ml sprays for one economical price. You can spray the dog, its kennel, transport kennel, the bedding and clothing and basket to clear fleas, mites and crawling, biting insects, their eggs and larvae.  CAREWASH and KENNEL CLEAR - the natural companions for every dog.  CAREWASH contains 3.5% by volume of Aloe Vera Gel - from our own Aloe Vera plant leaves. This is a higher content than in ANY SOAP on sale in the UK for humans. As far as we know, no other dog shampoo contains aloe vera. This is a superb skin conditioner and assists with small cuts and bruises, rashes and irritation that may be caused by mite families. 






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