CAREWASH is a highly effective, all natural, herbal based canine shampoo that is now sold in 12 countries. It is specifically designed to soak the skin and clear it of dangerous and debilitating parasites. As a brilliant side effect, the coat is brought up to a whistle clean, superb finish. CAREWASH keeps mites, ticks, fleas, lice, parasites and their eggs and larvae clear and quickly calms down hypersensitive animals, relaxing them and adding to their comfort and life style. We have been in herbal products, essential oils and herbs for applications in animal care for 33 years. You can buy with confidence and join hundreds of satisfied owners.



 CAREWASH Herbal Liquid Soap for All Dogs

CAREWASH - does what it says on the bottle! 

And this is our buddy, KennelClear. An all natural, highly effective and economic spray kit that makes TEN x 750ml bottles. So you are always in charge of those parasites!



Pioneer Spray Kits are in use now in 12 countries with: Horses, ponies, pygmy goats, cats, dogs, chickens, alpacas, birds of prey, birds in aviaries, stables, kennels, baskets, pet clothing, car kennels, rare breed goats. Manage Demodex Mites, Otodex Mites, Sarcoptic Mites, Cheyletiella Mites, Tics, Fleas, Lice, Mosquitoes, Flies, Midges. Our spray products protect you and your animals. AND you can make TEN sprays from our kit!

Pioneer Mini-Sprays (50ml) can make the difference between happy holidays and holidays spoiled by beach flies, stingers, mosquitoes, rashes, cuts, minor wounds, midges, fleas and bed bugs and bites from creepy crawlies that you dont like and dont like you!

Search and Rescue Dogs can also suffer cuts, rashes, scrapes,
Pioneer KennelClear will always make things easier - faster!

CAREWASH - does what it says on the bottle!

(So does KennelClear !)